How Can You Put Thinking in the Center of Your Teaching?

  1. Teach questions not answers
  2. Start with a prompt and help the students unpack it
  3. Provide the students tools for entering conversations (sentence starters and
  4. connectors)
  5. Model your expectations
  6. Encourage constructive controversy
  7. Choose content students will invest in
  8. Set up Socratic discussions
  9. Assess your student’s thinking through different methods
  10. Let students evaluate each other
  11. Step back

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  1. Here you can find a couple of resources and helpful information on the topic of teaching thinking in school.
  2. Here you can find some scientific papers about teaching thinking in different contexts from Robert Fischer, who was awarded a PhD for research into Philosophy for Children from Brunel University where he is a Professor of Education.
  3. Here you can find some lesson plans from various subjects that have different thinking skills such as comparing & contrasting, decision making, problem solving and reasoning & concluding in the center of their attention.