Big 6 and Super 3

Here is a handout that explains the “Big 6” and the “Super 3”. These are process models of how people of all ages solve information problems.

Big 6 and Super 3 Handout

How Proper Online Research Works

Here is a website that gives 8 tips on what proper internet research should look like. While it is said to be an article for research beginners, I would say that it is a rather extensive and very detailed article.


If you want to help your students to avoid plagiarism, then you can direct them to this website. This site also explains what plagiarism actually is and what types of plagiarism there are and it links to tools that can detect plagiarism in people’s work (“turnitin”).

School Library

And here is the link to our school library (yes, they have powerful tools to search for, collect, organize and share information as well!).