1. Article

Here you can find an article about how to develop effective communication skills in students. The article suggest following steps to do that:

1. establish ground rules
2. encourage everybody
3. have small group discussions
4. adopt policy of openness

2. Article

Since the above article doesn’t cover too many aspects, find more helpful tips here. This article, that was written by an experienced high school principal, introduces six simple strategies to improve communication skills of high school students. You can use the texts with students or just read them for your own inspiration. The strategies are:

1. modeling
2. rehearsing situations
3. reading cues
4. understanding another perspective
5. providing feedback
6. including teamwork activities

3. Video

In this video, Mark Walsh from “Integration Training” gives 10 tips on how to communicate effectively. It is a 7-minute video that you might want to show your students or, again, just watch for yourself to help your students with communication skills. His tips are:

1. Listen first
2. Breathe
3. Say “I”
4. Avoid judgement, blame and denial of responsibility
5.  Separate facts from opinion
6.  Be aware of emotions
7.  Be aware of needs and values
8. Ask for what you want
9. Be aware of body language
10. Be aware of individual and cultural differences